Surviving the Second Catastrophe

Life existed as a burst of energy that pushed us into the future. On the 218.28 GCT, a second Catastrophe struck our Universe relentlessly.

For more than 200 cycles humankind has been re-emerging from the shadows, struggling to understand what struck us the first time. Nothing assured us that it wouldn't strike us again. Oh, but we did the same mistakes again: factions, divisions, we are always better than them… Who knows how wars, conspiracies and intolerance have contributed to this.

But some of us did different. Some of us believe in something that goes beyond ourselves and that includes each and everyone of us in a peaceful shared existence into prosperity. And this time we were prepared!! Well, kind of…

We belong to a group of Tauverse Adventurers United that survived a second dark moment. Some of us were travelling, protected by the deep space, others survived in Stations, protected by luck as the blackout generated a maze of wrecks that both trapped and shield us. Yes, we managed to save ourselves and some scripts from our rebirth — that, we learned from the scholars of the Old Earth. We also managed to keep in contact. We all recall the decanted sickness and connectivity issues. That drove us to create alternative channels of communications deep inside our CORETECHS that allow us to be connected in this vast Space.

If your CORETECHS is picking up this signal, ping us back and join us.

A second Catastrophe didn't wipe us. We're alive! Tau Station is alive in all of us and these are the tales of our adventures until we rise again, stronger, together — these are the Tales of the Auld.

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